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About Us

We are a prominent organization with a ground-breaking initiative in the milk products sector.  By branding some most common milk products that are yet to be corporatized, we aspire to set new benchmark in the industry.

Khoa is used as raw materials in a variety of sweets and products. And paneer is the most popular substitute for non-vegetarian foods. Along with the popularity of vegetarianism, the demand of Khoa and Paneer is also rising day by day. But these two most important ingredients of milk products i.e. Khoa and Paneer are being produced in an arbitrary manner, without any kind of standardization and quality control. The main reason for it is that these products are considered to be the prerogative of the traditional ‘Halwaais’. Unfortunately, these people only use the traditional knowledge that is devoid of latest specifications and safety measures. Offering solution to such a setback, it’s a constant endeavor from our side to provide our esteemed customers such quality of Khoa and Paneer that can be judged on any kind of international standard.

We ensure that we get unadulterated and highest quality milk from village level collection centres in rural Haryana. It’s a fact that Haryana produces the best milk in North India. And At A R Foods, we endeavour to procure the best milk for preparing the best milk foods. We have imported machinery from abroad and equipped ourself with an ultramodern infrastructure. The freshness of the products are maintained because of our well-maintained processes.

We firmly believe the fact that our reputation and standing in the market is worth much more than mere money and profit. We want that people should remember us for assurance of quality and purity. The mark of Fresh Dairy Junction in the products will be enough to rely on the quality.

  • An ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP) certified company ensuring food safety
  • All the products meet PFA (Prevention of Food Adulteration) norms
  • Comparatively stable rates
  • State-of-the-art process
  • Adequate testing
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Uninterrupted supply
  • Own network from milk procurement to delivery
  • No middleman
  • Hygienic preparation
  • Vacuum packing also available